Enormous Edwardian Doll Hat for an American Girl Doll

This enormous Edwardian doll hat hat was made from a kit by a sadly no-longer-in-operation doll hat pattern company called Cathy Stuart Designs.

An American Girl doll wears an enormous edwardian hat decorated with feathers and a bow

The hat is very large. It is decorated with a great number of feathers, and it has a big bow right at the front.

Enormous Edwardian doll hat decorated with feathers and a large bow

I bought and made up two kits from them – this silk Gainsborough and a 1920s cloche hat, and was thrilled with them both – the fit was perfect for an American Girl Doll. Unfortunately, between making the hats and ordering more, the company vanished – phone number disconnected and my mail-order returned to sender!

As an American Girl doll hat, it serves multiple time-periods quite well. Depending on the styling, this could be an enormous Edwardian doll hat, or it could be an enormous eighteenth century Gainsborough doll hat – or it could even be something reasonably modern and champagne-smeared (but still enormous) to be worn by a doll at a luncheon for the Melbourne Cup.

American girl doll wearing a silver robe francaise with a large gainsborough hat

(Ignore the Silver Robe Francaise that she’s wearing – she is clearly in a state of temporal and existential confusion. What can I say? We don’t worry about it. She’s a doll. She spends most of her life with sewing pins stuck into her torso – that would unhinge anybody.)

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