Important Ribbon Embroidery Announcement

gold jewellery pouch embroidered with gold ears of wheat

STOP PRESS!! This is an important ribbon embroidery announcement! After twelve years and four moves, a silk ribbon embroidery project that vanished in our move to Chile from Australia in 2011 has resurfaced!  In a box that I have definitely opened and filled and closed and opened and filled again –

The sewing gods have been beneficent.  Obviously the project was so beautiful that they took it away with them to their golden palaces under the hill, and they have now returned it again – looking not a day older than when I saw it last.

A composition of gold wheat stalks is embroidered in silk ribbons on a panel of gold silk fabric

When I began this piece, I was making up a series of little silk jewellery pouches, using up the odd lengths and tail-ends of silk ribbon in my scrap bag.  At some point or another, I became mildly over all of the intense color contrasts and decided to shift focus and experiment with something more subdued and monochromatic.  When it comes to color, I tend to favor tropical oomph over subtlety, so this was something of a challenge, but I took inspiration from the rusty wheat fields in the farming district around Whyalla – the town where I was living at the time, and I decided to embroider a field of wheat.  Gold on gold.

A panel of ribbon embroidered wheat on gold silk dupioni sits in an embroidery frame

I thought that it came out very well.  In fact, I loved how the dusty ribbons worked with the dusty fabric and became something that shimmered, softly, in a way that the eye would like to rest upon. But before I had a chance to do anything with it, the Horrible Movers came and packed us up for our move to Chile – and that’s all she wrote.  The gods took it away under the hill.  I regretted tha

But now they have given it back. Not wishing to waste one more moment, I’ve taken my golden wheat and sewn it up into an embroidery pouch.  It’s proper destiny has been fulfilled.  It was originally intended as a gift for someone, but I no longer remember who, and I will keep it.  But tell me where to keep it – so that I don’t forget and lose it to the gods for another twelve years!

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