A 1790s Round Gown in Autumn

Tabubilgirl in a green 1790s round gown sits beneath a tree with gold autumn leaves.

Last fall I went up to Reno. I took the Green Blob with me, hoping to get some photos of my 1790s round gown in the autumn color. High summer in Malta had required a fairly minimalist approach to 1790s chic, but the cool crisp weather of October was very suitable for a more decked-out formal approach!

Tabubilgirl in a green 1790s round gown stand beneath a tree holding a vintage celluloid fan.

I arrived just as the leaves were beginning to turn.  Every day while I was there, I would say “today?” and my Mother-in-law would say “Wait, wait -“

And then – two days before I flew home, she said “NOW.”

And I dressed, and we went – and there just aren’t words.  It was magnificent.

Beneath a gold autumn tree, Tabubilgirl stands next to a woman wearing jeans.

The Green Blob was glorious! Reno in the fall was glorious! 1790s gowns in the Autumn were completely glorious! In fact – everything was glorious!  I wasn’t limited to traveling light and I had brought along some of my carefully collected accessories – antique lace, vintage leather gloves, antique portrait brooch and a celluloid brisé fan. Instead of a large sash, this time I wore a simple tassel cord, tacked into place at the peak of the raised back waist.

Tabubilgirl stands with her back to the camera, showing the back of her green 1790s round gown.

Honestly, I swanked.

I also wore a new wig – the classic “80s Boogie Babe,”  available on amazon and quite a lot of party store websites, and REMARKABLY good value for an over the top 1790s look. My mother in law and I did want over the top – in fact, we were so enthusiastic that we layered two Boogie Babes on top of the other!

Tabubilgirl sits with her back to the camera wearing two very large wigs.

The result was possibly excessive. I mean, it wasn’t excessive if the year was 1985 and the the genre was hair metal,  but for a genteel jaunt through a golden fall in in the year 1797 when they hadn’t yet invented hairspray or the ozone layer – possibly it was a little too much. Possibly.

Two pairs of hands tug at a mass of long curly hair.

Regretfully, perhaps, we came down on the side of restraint and I only wore one.  I did wind a purple lamé scarf from the actual 80s around my head, so I wasn’t entirely bereft of a little rock chic.  My jewelry was glorious as well – my necklace and my HONKING pearl earrings (honestly, I reckon I could indeed have worn the double-layered hair just to balance out these divine things) are both by Taylor of Dames a la Mode. She is doing some wonderful 1790s stuff right now – and it is sized to work for both the late Georgian period AND 1980s hair metal music.

Tabubilgirl crouches in front of a tree waving a celluloid fan.

So there I was – decked, dressed, and deeply elegant – and the Autumn sun was pouring down and drenching the world in liquid gold –

Guess who stomped around like a pretty pretty princess?

Tabubilgirl bends towards the camera, lifting the skirt of a green 1790s round gown to show off a pair of white stockings and white slippers.

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