Embroidered Silk gift bag

This embroidered silk gift bag was a bachelorette present for an artist friend who was married last month – I sewed the outer bag of green silk and lined it with calico – so that it would be strong enough to hold a large size bottle of chocolate body paint and a paintbrush!
This bag is SORT of part of a set of silk ribbon embroidered jewelry pouches I’ve been working on, but my bag of ribbon scraps was down to fiddly little inch-long tail ends and I was fed up with wrangling ribbons barely longer than my needle!
I traded in the ribbons for gold embroidery floss and nice neat rows of stem stitching. I always enjoy the free form creativity of silk ribbons, but once in a while it is nice to sit down and simply follow a line. The line has been drawn. The universe is ordered. The flow of work is predetermined. It is SOOTHING.

A green silk pouch embroidered with the image of a woman in a long yellow robe


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