Fire and Ice: Part 4 – Almost Ready!

I am building a costume for a party with the Theme of Fire and Ice. I have one week!

Ahem: The bodice is sewn, the underskirt is sewn, the overskirt is sewn and lined with red net – and only the gold lame underskirt still fits on Sally.

Sewing tapes into the bustled overskirt skirt:

The tapes inside of a fire red silk bustle
detail of the attachment of a bustle tape to a bustle skirt

The finished over-skirt sitting on TOP of Sally:

A red silk bustle skirt is mounted on a mannequin

All I have left is a few fastenings – press studs and hooks and eyes and buttons.  And possibly something amusing for my hair.  Yesterday I went back to Spotlight for face paint and feathers, but the selection was non-existent – even by Spotlight standards.  A very sweet lady in a store uniform explained that the St Johns Ambulance was  holding a masquerade party that night- which explains why it looked as if the millinery section had been ravaged!  She kindly tracked down a carnival mask with a nice set of red feather biots glued to the top so that I could cannibalize it-

Let’s see how it looks in the morning. 

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