Silk Ribbon Embroidered Fuchsias

A doll hat covered in wired ribbon roses rests on a purple silk pouch embroidered with silk ribbon flowers

I had the idea of making a circular drawstring reticule for an American Girl doll with silk ribbon embroidered fuchsias running all around the sides. (yay! it matches my people-sized ribbon embroidered reticule!)

I hadn’t played with fuchsias for a while, and fuchsias are so much fun to embroider (and spell – you can put the s’s and c’s just about anywhere), so I took a piece of bright purple silk and scrunched it up to get an idea of how large the purse would need to be, and then ironed it flat again, basted in two concentric circles for placement lines, and I pulled out my silk ribbon box and went to town.

A circle of ribbon embroidered fuchsia flowers embroidered on magenta silk

At the end of the afternoon it belatedly occurred to me (Oh, WHY is “belated’ such a regularly occurring word when I talk about my sewing projects?!) that if one DID use the fabric I was working on to make a circular drawstring reticule, the ruching and gathering of the fabric would make all the carefully embroidered flowers pretty much illegible.   Or worse, invisible in the folds of fabric.

Experiments proved my forebodings to be right, but the fuschias (see what I did there?) were going splendidly, so I kept at it, and decided to turn the fucsias (see, there it goes again) it into one of my silk ribbon embroidery pouches instead.

silk jewellery pouch sewn embroidered with silk ribbon fuchsias

I admit that a rectangular jewellery pouch, when contrasted with the circle of embroidery, looks a little odd – design-wise, there’s a lot of dead space.  But after all the fuss I’d had already with circles, I wasn’t planning on wasting another minute with any more of that nonsense, so straight lines it would be.

The opening of a purple silk jewellery pouch - the lining is bright green

In my stash I found an absolutely lovely piece of green silk taffeta to use for a lining, and I carefully cut that lining about a centimeter shorter than the purple silk, so that the purple would roll over into the drawstring casing.  The silk ribbon embroidered fuchsias (or fucuscias) and the purple are the stars of the show. The bright lining is a surprise. The only person who will see that electric green flash is the person who will own – and use – it!

close-up of a doll hat resting on a piece of embroidered silk

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