The Butterick Bonnet – that ALMOST was (for an American Girl doll).


Last year I used Butterick Pattern #4210 to make an American Girl scale 1860s bonnet. 

Mr Tabubil scanned the pattern pieces at work, and I imported them into autocad and traced and scaled them down to AG doll size.

I wish to go on record as saying that I loathe this pattern; several of the pieces didn’t fit and had to be totally re-drafted.  That’s ridiculous.

I sewed it from buckram, mulled it with flannel and covered it with pink silk duponi and white silk satin.  I don’t like using glue (as per the pattern instructions) so I sewed it completely by hand – and something about the way this pattern held together – or didn’t hold together – has made it take FOREVER to assemble.

And worse, all those hours down the track, I found that I’d forgotten to account for the mulling or the lining  – and the darned hat, at the end of all, doesn’t actually fit the doll.


It was intended to be worn with Bella, but I can’t seem to summon the enthusiasm to finish it.


Epilogue: In a fitting end to the Butterick Bonnet, The Horrible Movers made some seriously terrible packing decisions and squashed it, folded it up and used it pad out the corner of a heavy wooden cabinet.
I am piqued.

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