Beaded chiffon and purple velveteen!

Yesterday I sat down and beaded the edges of the orange chiffon scarf that I had hemmed while I was up in Brisbane.

An orange chiffon shawl is in the process of being beaded along its edges with orange beads
Close-up of the beaded edges of an orange chiffon shawl

And I have fabrics, too! B.W from my Wednesday sewing group cleaned out her stash last week and brought me a lovely stack of velveteens and small scale corduroys. I rather like these two for elephants.

Last night I put them through a hot wash, but I cleverly put the whole stack in together. When I took them out of the machine, I found that a kleenex had slipped into the washing machine, and that between the tissue shreds the green velveteens were purple with purple fuzz and the purple velveteens were green with green fuzz…
Oddly, the orange and black corduroy came through completely unmarked.

Orange cotton velvetten fabric is sitting on purple velveteen fabric.  They are both covered in lint

The velveteens are going back in the wash this morning. Individually. We’ll see what happens after that.

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