Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Nasturtium

The back hind-quarter of a purple wool pig.  It is covered in a spray of embroidered ribbon roses.

Currently my favorite color of silk ribbon is Nasturtium, produced by Color Streams.  It’s not a color I would have instinctively reached for when i embroider – My color preferences tend to be jewel tones in cool shades of purple and blue.  I bought a hank of this stuff at a craft show on a whim, reckoning to use it as an accent in larger compositions  – naturally, I use it constantly and have to restock regularly.  It’s bright, it’s sunny and cheerful and not QUITE orange – and it has the same quality of subliminal iridescence that, like real life flowers, lets it coordinate with everything.

At the present moment, that everything seems to be pigs. Purple pigs, to be precise. Purple pigs sewn from (inadvertently) felted favorite sweaters and then laid out (skinned, I suppose, if one wants to extend the metaphor) and embroidered all over with roses and rosebuds in nasturtium colored silk ribbons!

Oinkers, Doink and Sidney - three stuffed pigs made of purple wool. One is large and two are small.

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